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SteamCs 1.6 launching as a grab screen with a black screen on right and top


tarun gupta:
Please anyone reply on this ASAP  as i am stuck

tarun gupta:
Hi Team ,
    THis is my first post as i join this community today . Installed linux lite yesterday on my Old pc with below specs:

CPU : Intel core 2 duo E7200
RAM : 4 GB
Graphics : NVIDIA geforce 210

I have installed steam yesterday and downloaded cs1.6  in my library  . When i launch cs 1.6 , it launches with drag  black screen (like a joined blank screen on the right along with cs1.6 page)  which is moveable and i am not able to click on the options itself .I only have one monitor .  How can i resolve this ?.

I am using cs 1.6 launch options as i was doing fps troubleshooting  : -nofbo -w 800 -h 600 -nohltv -fullscreen -no sync

PLease note i have fixed NVIDIA resolution to 1920 *1080  . it is because while i was troubleshooting this issue  earlier ,  launching cs 1.6 in 800*600 was also changing my NVIDIA display configuration and given i have 27inch montitor ,  it becomes unreadable in 800*600..

Please help me resolve this .Please see attachments.


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