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Steam silent install script

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Steam silent install script
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I made this along with a desktop icon to install Steam silently with a notification saying it is doing it and when it is done. I thought I would share the script to make it easier for someone to do it. The desktop launcher I am sure anyone can make so I am not including it. This is only for 18.04 based and up. You can adjust for using with 16.04 based.

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notify-send --expire-time=10000 'Hello SuperGamer User' 'This is silently installing the Steam client, please be patient'

pkexec apt install steam --yes --assume-yes

rm -f /home/*/Desktop/Steam*

notify-send --expire-time=10000 'Hello SuperGamer User' 'Congratulations, the install has finished'


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2023 - The Year of the Linux Lite Desktop