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steam install -nvidia drivers NO REPLIES ; ABANDONED


I installed Steam from the Lite Software  tool - it wouldn't launch . I read several threads etc. - uninstalled from  Lite Software tools and  installed  only the  launcher   in synaptic - still won't  launch . Here  is  my output from the terminal

My Driver  Installer  offers this  - here -

I had a great deal of trouble  previously when I installed  nvidia  drivers  in a  previous distro ; totally frapped  my whole system . Could someone  offer some advice  on which , if any  of these drivers  I should  install ; or , is there some  other explanation why I'm having  trouble installing steam ?        If I install 1 of these others in place  of the Nouveau driver will steam then find it's way to them   ?     As far as I can see all  the noveau  dependencies are met
                                                  thanks all


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