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Steam EAC isssue - Fail to load the anticheat module


Cause: This is due to DT_HASH being removed and replaced by DT_GNU_HASH in Glibc 2.34 and higher versions. Though, Most users detected it running Glibc 2.36 versions. This error is for games that require EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) in Steam such as Rogue Company, Mutliversus, Bloodhunt, etc.

Picture of error:

Solution: Gentoo, Arch, and other non Ubuntu/Debian distros have patched their Linux Operating system to include both DT_HASH and DT_GNU_HASH in "--hash-style=both". I am not a programmer and still learning Linux to know what this means. Just did my research on the issue to help Linux Lite be the first of Ubuntu/Debian distros to resolve this issue since there isn't any fix for them besides using an older version of Glibc less than 2.34 by downgrading to an older version of Linux OS version from distro. Testing, Rolling, and Development versions of distros didn't resolve the issue either when checking to see if their is an updated version of Glibc that may resolve the issue from the Terminal. I hope this can be resolved as stated above or some other way that Linux Lite devs may know. In case more information is needed, check out the following links:


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