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Running HTML5 online games


Calin Musceleanu:
Hi there!
I'm facing some issues with a game that I'm playing in browser. The game is Forge of Empires, which was previously based on Flash. As Flash will no longer be supported starting with December 2020, the developers switched to HTML5 platform.
However, the game runs very slow, many times the screen is freezing for several minutes, which is quite annoying.
I'm using Chrome web browser.
Is there any tweak that I could do to make this game run faster?
Thanks in advance!

You should be posting this on their Forums, that is where you will find the answer. We have nothing to do with this game sorry.

Calin Musceleanu:
I did, but the only answer I've got is that they're working on this.
I thought that I could do some settings with the OS.
Thanks for the answer!

If they are working on it, then clearly it's their issue. Good luck.

Basically anything and everything, these days, since WebGL. WebGL gives you nearly the full performance of native OpenGL in the browser. Games made with Phaser, Three.js, Pixi.js are written in JavaScript and run browser-only. Some other engines, like Unity and GameMaker, also can target the browser no problem Kodi nox.


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