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Wouldn't that show using RA with some cores?
I use MAME (old version) to run arcade ROM's with no worries.
Also have PSCX for PS1 games, although I only manage to put Metal Gear Solid to work (dont' have much time to test things)!

I want RA to work because everyone says it's the best, this way I would only use one thing...

I did this on a 64bit build of LL3.4. Looking at your hardware it may be because of that. It may need acceleration to work as I did have the nvidia driver loaded and not using the nouveau default. I will test later tomorrow with the nouveau driver to see if it gives me the same error. I'm also using the 4.12 kernel with the 375 drivers.

I installed everything has described.
I installed, uninstalled and installed again no luck...

This user on this forum has the same issue:

I just installed everything you have installed and have added the ppa for retroarch. I do not have your issue but I am not sure on what you did to install retroarch. Here is the ppa that I used:

Anyone please?

I also have MAME, MESS and PCSXr installed, could it be interfering with Retroarch?
I just want a program that does everything instead of having several and RA seems to be it but I just can get to work!

Thanks for any help on this...


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