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Hello...I am running Linux Lite and downloaded a game from this site:  The game is Tetpus and I got it to run after extracting by clicking the "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader" I was so excited that it actually worked and I was able to play the game.  I closed it and went on to other less important things   ;D and the next time I opened it, I got a little box that said "Bitmap Missing".  I could still play the game except it was now in boring black with white borders.  I "extracted" it again and was able to play it in color until I closed it and came back later.  Same thing happened  "Bitmap Missing".  My question is how can I get the "missing bitmap or is there some kind of "setting"  I need for this game?  Thanks to whoever responds.  It is not a big deal really...I can take it or leave the's just a nice simple "no bells or whistles" little game. 


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