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Browser games?

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Browser games?
« on: March 22, 2019, 03:54:02 PM »


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Web browser games have advantages and disadvantages to them, both significant. First, the advantages are that these games are easily accessible on all platforms employing web browsers supported by the game, meaning, even non-PC users can enjoy them. These games are also free to play most of the time, as well as being popular due to easy accessibility. They do not require doing any installations or maintaining of any local software, save for the multipurpose web browser itself. For the negativity of cheating - the corrosion of any longevity - the cheating can still be present, as nothing is entirely crackproof, but maybe to a lesser extent, since hacks would need to come as plugins, I imagine. Disadvantages are that these games understandably have to keep it simple enough on the surface level. Performance can be limited at times. There is the little amount of customizability as well. Some people may also claim playing through a web browser is less comfortable and less stable to having a software installed actually on the machine. What I recommend, is to turn the fullscreen mode on when playing, in order to avoid jumping out of the window accidentally.

Recommendable web browser games that I know of - links:

A Dark Room
Famous minimalistic game tresspassing conventions, by Michael Townsend.

Popular, topdown view battle royale with amazing gameplay quality.

Little War Game
Real time strategy game with impressive level of customizability.

SuperHot prototype version
Played SuperHot? If not, this is your chance to see what is it about.

Contre Jour
Wonderfully looking sideview platformer.

You can also try to google out some of the classic titles, such as Minesweeper, Solitaire or Sudoku.

What I think could be interesting for aware Linux users in these games, is that they were not developed for any other operating system in particular, which means, they go above and beyond the problem of local compatibility, causing so much controversy - especially as of lately - in the community.


Linux Lite 4.4 Final has been released. See the Release Announcements section for more information.