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Minecraft A game that actualley works (way) better in linux

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Re: Minecraft A game that actualley works (way) better in linux
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2019, 01:53:28 PM »


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Yes, Minecraft really works better on linux. I never had windows installed on this hp nc 4200 laptop but got
50-60  fps  with optifine and every single graphics option set to lowest possible (off or fast)
10       fps  without optifine every setting set to medium
1-2      fps with optifine every setting set to high/maximum
-5        fps with windows and microsoft want's to sell this user experience (yes -5fps, actually unknown performance because no windows)
RAM usage (about) of 2GiB:
0,6G on low     1,3G on medium    2,0G on maximum also few megabytes (about 30) of swap used

32 bit LL 3.8 because no 64bit support     memory upgraded from 1G to 2G
Minecraft version 1.12.2 because 1.13.x and up won't run anymore because 32bit
This even does not have the minecraft official minimum requirements!
Missing requirements (if understood correctly): CPU, RAM, GPU and OS. Unbelievable but it works!


Minecraft A game that actualley works (way) better in linux
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2018, 07:52:17 PM »


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so i managed to get minecraft to run in windows 7 on this old setup and it worked with 20 fps which is playable for most people but then once any animation is needed or its the night (zombies spawn and move randomly requiring many CPU and GPU power) the game falls to 5-10 fps maybe even lower but having the game running well other than that fps problem made me search every where how to increase fps i found many ways and many of them worked (some of them are optifine and 8x8 texture pack)
and hey the game now runs at 30 fps with 10 fps at night well that's playable especially once you build a house and stay in it but then its just so lame and 10 fps is so bad so i kept searching and found a webpage (sadly i dont have the link to give proper credit) that tells you ways to raise fps and the first written in bold and red i think says INSTALL A LINUX DISTRO THAT HAS XFCE OR LXDE or something like that and that article made me think if their will be any performance increase when downloading minecraft in Linux i thought there wont be any but i was wrong and i didn't even mention the creepy old GPU card this will stop you from playing minecraft in the future message that only appears in windows and i have pictures
in windows
2018-09-06_01.11.55 by Mohammed Khaled, on Flickr
in linuxlite
Screenshot_2018-08-30_14-12-05 by Mohammed Khaled, on Flickr
and it just gets better when you start the game the difference is as following
Windows 7 32bit
Code: [Select]
optifine 1.7.10 (1.13 doesn't work) with 8x8 texture pack and every animation disabled 1280x800 (20-25 fps during day and 10-15 fps during night)which is fine for older hardware not whinning but wait untill you read this
LinuxLite 4.0 64bit
Code: [Select]
1.13 with no mods and original texture packs but everything turned to the lowest or medium 1280x800 (30-40 fps during the day and 20-30 fps during the night) and that's even with no mods or optifine , i wonder if it will hit 60 fps after i add all the tweaks i used in windows

Side Note : The way minecraft is made makes it looks good and too close to the original even with the worst texture packs and graphic settings although i set many things in Linux to medium it was the essentials (like useful animations etc)

Another Side Note : the reason i didn't add any screenshots of my fps in windows and Linux is because in minecraft fps can change quickly and it can be faked easily by standing still for few moments or writing a command to remove all animals and zombies you have the right to believe me or not but if you use Linux i bet that you already believed me and guys give minecraft a go its cool and has many very cool custom user submitted maps
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Mohammed Khaled


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