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Linux Lite Framerate issues?

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Alright, fair enough, I'll have a look at the bios next time a boot up, thanks for all of your help.

Also, what power management settings would you recommend I use?

If the power manager options don't work you can try the laptop setup/bios page. I admit it's not likely to help but it doesn't hurt to look. The setup screen in my laptop offers different charging options, etc.

The next step would be testing possible custom power settings and/or installing different power managment software but I know nothing about that so be patient and hopefully someone will see this and post some additional information.


Okay, that's fair enough. The problem is even with the charger plugged in, it still does this. Is there not a way to only make it do power saving when it's not on charge?

Hi Cobra!

Sure seems normal that a laptop may slowdown to conserve power when the battery is low but you may be able to override this.

This may possibly help:

Menu > Settings > Power Manager

Choose "On Battery" on left side

Actions tab

option: prefer power savings over performance

Test performance with this option off, does it make any difference?

I think I figured out what is causing it. I noticed when my laptop's power is low, that's when the framerate goes low, but when the power is high or full, it's normal. Was this intentional? Is this a power saving feature?


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