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League of legends installer on playonlinux is not working properly!

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Hi All

Here is my video of the easiest way to install League of Legends on Linux Lite using the Lutris client which takes care of everything.

Hi All

If you are having issues trying to install LOL I can recommend the following script which works like a charm providing your hardware is powerful enough to handle the game, I will do a video on it for you soon but just download the install script, make it executable and run it job done.

That is the problem I try to explain! Seems is not from the program it is not have logic bcuz i tried on others distro like ubuntu mate, mint and it is fine even on debian based distro! I think is something wrong from the distro!

I used this - worked for me.


Have you looked at the "official" League of Legends ~ Play on Linux forum.?
Seems like a lot of very recent postings.



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