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Jagged Alliance 2


Actually I'm not sure about if you need any data files after all (which I mentioned in the previous post).

This is a free game (although STEAM seems to sell it). If you like strategic role-playing games,
then give it a try. It is a masterpiece!

Installed to Linux Lite today my all time favorite game, Jagged Alliance 2

Since I installed it just today, it is hard to know about the bugs, but so far everything seems
to work just great - except that I haven't figured out yet how to play in fullscreen mode instead of a window.

Installing it is easy: Since the Copyright holders released the source code for public domain years ago, people
have been able to port the whole game to work on Linux, without emulators or virtual machines.
The Debian package may be downloaded from here:

However, you will still need the data files from the original Jagged Alliance CD to be able to play it.


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