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Insufficient Space - installing game via steam play


how is the formatting so garbage?  my post is all jumbled together, lol

it requires a start command  when running certain games, something like 'set game drive = 1"protondb was helpfuli've since gone on a game hiatus thoughhonestly they all turn out to be cash grabs, or just not good enough, you know?  always something wrong with them, basically psychological ploys to separate ppl from their money, gameplay is a secondary consideration

Its likely attempting to save data or user data to another drive??

Whats the terminal output of

--- Code: ---df -h
--- End code ---

after giving write permission to all for the game drive (not system drive) it was able to create steam library and install game, but after running game it returns error of insufficient space (multiple games, same error)
free space is 3.7tb, game says 0
steam sees the free space and can install multiple games, but each game cannot see the free space


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