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i am using Linux Lite 3.6 64Bit, i am looking for some games

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Just install steam and get Valve games these games are all ported to Linux and there specs are so low for an AAA game (Team Fortress 2 is considered an AAA game and it requires 512mb of ram in 2018) (Dota 2 is another AAA game and requires 4gbs of ram and an Intel hd 3000  ;)  ..) and the popular Counter Strike GO requiring 2gb of ram and a 256 mb vram directx9.0c compatible GPU

PS all games i mentioned have their specs tailored for windows which clearly takes more ram than linux (specially windows 10)
i have seen people play pubg on 4gb of ram on their windows 7 OS (it requires 8gb of ram) so the same applies here.. if you have 1.5 gb of ram ..probably you can run cs go which is a game that many people play in 2018 and probably will stay for a couple of years and if you have less then still there are mods that will take the game even lower
Basically i respected valve for them taking time to optimize their engine thus optimizing games (decreasing system requirements) and porting them to linux (or their steamos).

i want to say thank you "every one" for all the fun game suggestions and links, even tho alot of the games i want to really play, wont work when disconnected from the Internet, i found some nice little games , from the repos , they are just simpleton games , my pc dont do 3d, now i have a lot of simple games on my linux , again , thanks every one , i am now happy. 

The problem is going to be 3d drivers for a lot of the games. The 16.04 base does not have the hardware stack for good working 3d. The fglrx driver will not work with this xorg version which means you will have to update to a newer mesa driver stack from a ppa then it only has limited support for older amd/ati graphics. Please read for more information.


--- Quote from: kissbaby3 on December 12, 2017, 04:28:02 AM ---i am looking for some games.
doom type or quake type games , they can be clones, i just want to shoot stuff up and kill things, ha ha .

i have a 6 year old lenovo AMD 64bit desktop PC, the graphics and video are built into the mother board.
8 GB ram, 500 GB hard drive .

linux lite 3.6 64bit is running smoothly and i have learned alot, and can do what i want and need so far. i have used linux off and on in the past.

so is there any cool games for this old PC ?......... games i can play offline ?, i dont want to play games online. my Internet speed sucks

--- End quote ---

omg iam dieing she is saing *old* laptop on her 8 gb 500 gb storage laptop ,( mine is 1 gb ram)

anyway have you tried ITCH its a game store and they have al sort of games there , some games will be 8 gb some will be 70 mb some will be online and some offline , i mean , itch is for everyone i even have itch on my windows partition too

Every one of the games in my library from GOG is off line play, (currently 23, but keeps climbing), I don't play multiplayer games myself either. You just have to look at the description to see if the game is or not, it's clearly stated in the specifications, no challenge there other than reading a web page.
Steam is another matter depending how you interpret it. Most of my Steam games are single player or have a multiplayer option. Steam does mean you have to be online though, although it does have a offline mode that can be used.


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