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How do I turn off my controller support?


Wouldn't it be easier to just disable or change the config to remove the unwanted feature?

No response means at this stage no one with the knowledge or experience with this specific issue thus far. Try removing the xserver-xorg-input-joystick package, then rebooting.

Really, nothing I can do about that?  :'(

Ok, so wording this is a bit hard, but here is the deal.
In every other Linux Distro I've been on there is no native (gaming) controller support. And I like it that way, because then I can install JoyToKey and configure it myself.
But this time I've decided to program my own software and from there configure my controller (C programming).  8)
However on LinuxLite3(64-bit) when I plug in the controller, it just works. Can move my mouse around with it... That's great!
... How do I turn that off? xD


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