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GOG Linux installer not working.

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There's not other way to install any software from there as far as I see. They say a linux version of their Galaxy game client is being developed, but it's not out yet.

Galaxy game client worked in windows but I refuse to go back there. Well, I suppose that if the software won't download correctly for me in Linux then I don't need it. At least Steam works well.

I know nothing about games, but took quick look at the gog site.  The game itself says it can be run on Linux, but the "gog downloader" only lists ability to work on Windows and Mac from what I saw.  (I did not spend a lot of time looking through support section, so maybe there is a version of the download software for Linux and I just didn't see it.)  Can you just do a regular download of the game instead of trying to download it with the special gog downloader?

Whenever I click the Linux installer link I get the following error message:

Failed to open URI "gogdownloader://beneath_a_steel_sky/installer_linux_en".

The specified location is not valid.

Any help? These are linux games I'm trying to install by the way. I'm using Chrome. I also get an error message in Firefox.



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