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Mindustry [game]


If you speak in general... could definitely depends on your graphics card and/or video drivers. Do a search for "driver" in the start menu and run the Driver Update tool.Also, there is a bunch of games that are free and work :
If you're speeking for the Mindustry, it seem to work in a web browser (I only checked 5 seconds ;) ) so should work on ForireFox/Chrome Linux just fine.But, I really don't know that game, I could be wrong.


--- Quote ---To make it harder, try to mention something that is not on Steam!
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Well, the Mindustry has hit Steam. But Mindustry Classic is still wild, link HERE.

Once in a while, there is an exception to the rule or tendency. Not that I do not really like gaming. It is rather the case of expectations and choosing a better thing. Apparently, once in a while, something indeed does make an impact. I start this thread to leave a shoutout about a particular title.

Probably a lot of people would associate me - due to my banters - as an "infrastructure guy", who would always point out the importance of ecosystem, however to understand this ecosystem. This time, it is a game about management of the ecosystem. It is a modern design game. Link HERE. It is a lightweight game, a mixture of real time strategy, tower defense and topdown dogfights.

But to keep it rolling, do you know of any representative and freeware Linux games working out of the box?


To make it harder, try to mention something that is not on Steam!


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