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Cannot run Scorched Earth 1.5 (1995) under Wine


Check game compatibility here- if a game is not listed, it's probably not supported.

Cool! I did not know this. Thank you!  :045:
 And is there any reason for not being able to run it under Wine or any medication to this?
Anyway, I will try D-Fend Reloaded for now under Windows 10 to see if this makes the game run.


Hi guys,

I tried to run old pc games under Wine with some success. For instance the old Pyramids runner, Fred Remake V1.3.1 runs nicely under Wine in Linux Lite. However, Scorched Earth does not start. In fact, besides thinking a little bit (the mouse arrow has this running circle), nothing else happens.
None of the two softwares require installation. They run directly from their folder under Windows XP.
Any suggestion?


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