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Browser at Tankionline always crashes

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After googling around it might be a Firefox bug. There might be a work around as it seems it is still running short on resources and crashing Firefox. You might try a plugin that can delete the cache at certain time intervals and see if that will work. That might cause issues though but it is a possibility it works. To increase your swap you can use Gparted to do it. Just make sure you have enough space to do it and not a completely full partition. The other idea is to make sure you are using the newest Firefox version.

Thank you very much for your answers!

I have 4 GB RAM, should be enough, right?

when i registered at Tanki, i click on play, then a scenario is loaded, during this time the CPU is used to 100% (!!), RAM to 30 to maximum 50%;

when the scenario is loaded and the game is running (7 minutes) the CPU goes down to 70 to 80%, RAM always stays at 30 to 50%

other applications are all off

@ supergamer
How do I enlarge my swap file? Are the files (...firefox - contentproc - childID 1), the swap files ?


@Steff260 I had my 32bit mini (LL3. 8) out for kicks - needed updates (been 100 days)...
Its a dual core w/ 1Gb ram -- while the tanki page loaded in Chromium my cpu pegged and ram idled between 570mb - 600mb or so...
Awaiting a log in it sits at 19% cpu and 550mb ram...

I don't have a log in... but I don't think the ole girl would be able to handle it well.... Maybe you have a few extra GB's of Ram.. but still maybe as @supergamer mentions maybe resources running out/low... Maybe try kill/stop anything else running??.. ?? See if you can milk a bit more resources....
I jumped around a few different tabs/links on the site... no hangs/freezes...

It might be a ram issue of you not having enough. Both of the browsers use ram as well as cache and if it is loading up that much cache you are going to need ram and a fix might be to increase your swap file.

instead of chrome I also meant chromium

with chromium it is even worse (pc stops completely)


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