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Browser at Tankionline always crashes

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The following problem: When playing in the HTML 5 version, this or FF always crashes

it's so that the game ALWAYS runs normally at the beginning, I can play about 2-5 games (7 minutes each) and after that FF ALWAYS crashes or I get kicked out of the game
somehow this must be done with the file/folder:

....firefox - contentproc - childID 1 ..........

...... childID 2 and 3 are also available

are connected because:

One of these " childID " folders starts with 200 to 400 MB when you log in to the game and gets fuller and fuller from game to game (about 7 minutes each) to about 1 to 1.2 GB (according to the task manager). Then the site or Firefox crashes.

Operating system: Linux Lite 3.8 - 32 bit

Since I also have problems with google chrome, it probably seems to be due to Lite?

Thanks for your help!

Not sure about your game...
But Chrome isn't a Lite issue its 32 bit problem..

Chrome ended 32bit support sometime ago.
I would suggest Chromium or Firefox...

instead of chrome I also meant chromium

with chromium it is even worse (pc stops completely)

It might be a ram issue of you not having enough. Both of the browsers use ram as well as cache and if it is loading up that much cache you are going to need ram and a fix might be to increase your swap file.


@Steff260 I had my 32bit mini (LL3. 8) out for kicks - needed updates (been 100 days)...
Its a dual core w/ 1Gb ram -- while the tanki page loaded in Chromium my cpu pegged and ram idled between 570mb - 600mb or so...
Awaiting a log in it sits at 19% cpu and 550mb ram...

I don't have a log in... but I don't think the ole girl would be able to handle it well.... Maybe you have a few extra GB's of Ram.. but still maybe as @supergamer mentions maybe resources running out/low... Maybe try kill/stop anything else running??.. ?? See if you can milk a bit more resources....
I jumped around a few different tabs/links on the site... no hangs/freezes...


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