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Browser at Tankionline always crashes

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Thank you very much for your answers!

I have 4 GB RAM, should be enough, right?

when i registered at Tanki, i click on play, then a scenario is loaded, during this time the CPU is used to 100% (!!), RAM to 30 to maximum 50%;

when the scenario is loaded and the game is running (7 minutes) the CPU goes down to 70 to 80%, RAM always stays at 30 to 50%

other applications are all off

@ supergamer
How do I enlarge my swap file? Are the files (...firefox - contentproc - childID 1), the swap files ?

After googling around it might be a Firefox bug. There might be a work around as it seems it is still running short on resources and crashing Firefox. You might try a plugin that can delete the cache at certain time intervals and see if that will work. That might cause issues though but it is a possibility it works. To increase your swap you can use Gparted to do it. Just make sure you have enough space to do it and not a completely full partition. The other idea is to make sure you are using the newest Firefox version.


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