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Browser at Tankionline always crashes

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Not sure about your game...
But Chrome isn't a Lite issue its 32 bit problem..

Chrome ended 32bit support sometime ago.
I would suggest Chromium or Firefox...


The following problem: When playing in the HTML 5 version, this or FF always crashes

it's so that the game ALWAYS runs normally at the beginning, I can play about 2-5 games (7 minutes each) and after that FF ALWAYS crashes or I get kicked out of the game
somehow this must be done with the file/folder:

....firefox - contentproc - childID 1 ..........

...... childID 2 and 3 are also available

are connected because:

One of these " childID " folders starts with 200 to 400 MB when you log in to the game and gets fuller and fuller from game to game (about 7 minutes each) to about 1 to 1.2 GB (according to the task manager). Then the site or Firefox crashes.

Operating system: Linux Lite 3.8 - 32 bit

Since I also have problems with google chrome, it probably seems to be due to Lite?

Thanks for your help!


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