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Linux Lite 3.8 - Video in French


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I didn't see this one when it got in the forums :( . So here goes, cheers! :

Linux Lite 3.8
Hereís a video review of the latest Linux Lite, version 3.8. This is the last of the 3.x series. Version 4 is coming later this year in June 2018.
Like SolusOS, Linux Lite is currently gaining in popularity. Itís quite a light distribution, but not as much as one based on OpenBox desktop environment. Using 386MB RAM for the 64bits version, itís one of the lighter XFCE distributions though, so Linux Lite bares its name well.
The distribution comes with an interesting Restore Point backup feature and useful software like Firefox, LibreOffice, Gimp and VLC. Apart from Firefox though, the software and kernel are not at the latest versions even after doing updates. We hope to see the newer kernel in version 4. A nice and notable point with the included software is that LibreOffice was correctly installed with French error correction even if the welcome screen and user folders were not.
 Linux Lite comes with its own set of tools like Lite Software which can be used to easily install useful software like Clementine.
We already presented Linux Lite version 3.6 in the past which was a user friendly and nicely equipped Linux distribution, version 3.8 keeps up this tradition. We are eager to see where version 4.0 will take this distribution.
YouTube video in French by Eric GRANIER, summarized in English by TheDead.

Would someone like to translate a summary? Merci :)


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