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Linux Lite - Grub - Dual Boot - Win-XP

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Re: Linux Lite - Grub - Dual Boot - Win-XP
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2022, 08:11:48 PM »


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Hallo W-Exit,

also eigentlich sollte es kein Problem sein, einfach per thunar auf die Daten der XP-Installation zuzugreifen, es sei denn, du hast die Partition mit bitlocker oder so verschlüsselt oder ausversehen formatiert....
Poste doch bitte mal die Ausgabe von
Code: [Select]
lsblk -p
Vielleicht bekommen wir den grub dann auch noch hin ;)
# conjure me beer here

Linux Lite - Grub - Dual Boot - Win-XP
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2022, 04:25:03 AM »


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Hallo liebes Forum
 ich "Grandpa" bin komplett neu hier.
 Langer Rede kurzer Sinn: Ich habe einen alten Laptop mit einer LinuxLite installation anscheinend komplett "verbogen".
 Gibt es jemanden der mich Coachen mag?: Und sei es nur eine Lese-Topic hinweis erstmal ??

 As said before I am Linux "Grandpa" and LinuxLite newbee ...
 Making long story short: I got an old Laptop which I have sent into the NIRVANA with LinuxLite installation.
 Anybody out there willing to help with diagnose / advice ?

 So here come the details to my issue:
 Old laptop (Siemens Amilo, everything factory standard except: 2GB Ram and 500GB SSD)
 was running LinuxLite 3.8 32bit & WIN-XP dual boot setup for years.
 until LinuxLite started to ask a password (out of the blue, it never did before)
 I tried to bypass this with "rescatux-0.74.iso" and resetting the password to something new / known ... which failed.
 At this stage GRUB was still working and offering both OS as choice to boot.
 Hence I went on to reinstall LinuxLite 3.8 from scratch (over existing)
 The first attempt to reinstall over existing failed too (Unknow System Error Message)
 So I went on to reinstall LinuxLite beside existing OS, which went through
 (I recall being asked to allocate Space)
 and voila, here I am:
 It is now offering 2 different Linux Versions to boot (1x not working at all and 1x I am currently using when typing these words)
 There is no more Win-XP option to boot, which is sort of painfull - the only (not too much) valuable data was residing there - and I needed this to occasionally & flawless run some older Win Software ....

 Possibly these partitions / data is still there ?? It is GRUB not working ??
 Since I have self-inflicted this damage  :banghead , I reached out (here in this forum) to seek advice on how to possibly save my old win-boot partition ...

  I read somewhere that: issuing "sudo os-prober" in a terminal window would at least show me if an old windows boot partition was found on the system (before entering into grub details). However: This only shows me 2x LinuxLite as:
 /dev/sda1:Linux Lite 3.8 (16.04):Ubuntu:linux
 /dev/sda7:Linux Lite 3.8 (16.04):Ubuntul:linux

 I am totally expecting this post to be moved "elsewhere", but I feel like being lost with tons of much more experienced people ... (I am currently going through all the dos&dont's Jerry kindly replied to me).

 So please accept my rather unexperienced help request.

best regards and many thanks
viele liebe Grüße und besten Dank
Gunter  :49:
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Linux Lite 7.0 Final Released - See Release Announcement Section