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Linux Lite von CHIP empfohlen


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--- Quote from: Jerry on April 09, 2023, 10:27:47 PM ---Danke. Is a big website in Germany?

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It was a very well-known computer magazine for a general audience focused due to the times at Microsoft's DOS and Windows, currently it has an also well-known website.  The target audience are not high specialized professionals.

According to a SEO web page is currently #38 of the 100 most visited web pages in Germany.

Danke. Is a big website in Germany?


Die bekannte Computerzeitschrift CHIP hat Linux Lite online am 5. April als "genügsame" Alternative zu Windows 11 empfohlen:

For our english speaking guests a short excerpt:

--- Quote ---The system requirements of Windows 11 have increased significantly compared to the predecessor and prevent many users from upgrading. Although the system also runs on older hardware via workarounds, this is not necessarily the best solution. If you want to continue using older devices with up-to-date software, the resource-saving alternative Linux Lite might be something for you. Based on Ubuntu LTS, the free operating system is primarily aimed at Windows migrants.
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According to the own Webpage of CHIP:

--- Quote ---CHIP is Germany's largest consumer portal. We have been informing and advising everyone in the German-speaking world since 1996 with the latest news, comprehensive buying advice and honest tests on products of all kinds.
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