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Hello everyone from Siberia.
How do you feel about adopting the Xfce ClassicLooks theme into the LinuxLite distribution?


From other posts I think the response is usually if the program is not in the official repositories, it could be put in the Lite Software installer, i.e. not installed by default. Also, if a program is only in an external PPA repository, this applys too.

As for the program itself, I personnaly prefer XFCE from LL versions 4.x and up (3.8 minimum if obligated for 32bits). Previous versions give me all kinds of retro-headaches ;) .


By the way, there is a lot of development and error correction going on:

p.s. In my opinion this is one of the most successful themes of xfce in terms of harmonizing traditional old-school and new-school gtk3 applications and of course Gtk2 and Qt5.


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