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Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice llife! :)

I''ve been playing around with a LL 3.8 VM I created. One thing I've been doing is to try different gtk themes as well as icon themes. I found this theme and kind of like it, really nice-cool looking theme. However, there are a few things I don't like; some buttons are too big as shown in the image bellow

That's a screen capture I took from LL VM running in QEMU, as you notice action buttons are way too big, I tried editing the index file but that just made things worst  ::).

Other than that - which it's not something you can just ignore as well as annoying I admit - icons are well designed and look really good. Take a look

And in case you wonder the icon set doesn't seem to slow down XFCE user interface interaction or LL at all.  If any of you guys have any idea how to change/fix that if even possible to do such thing, please let me know. :)

I agree. Kind of a cool looking icon set. Look in your icon cache and see how many sizes of the particular set are there. Try deleting the larger size set  cache, reboot and see if any of the problem applications then use the smaller set. Otherwise you will have to choose icon size app by app for the problem apps.



--- Quote ---Look in your icon cache and see how many sizes of the particular set are there
--- End quote ---

Do you mean the .icon-theme.cache file that's generated when running gtk-update-icon-cache? Cause after running that command I get
--- Code: ---gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid
--- End code ---
and I can't do anything with it.

--- Quote ---Otherwise you will have to choose icon size app by app for the problem apps
--- End quote ---

How would I do this?

Hey @trinidad I think I've figured it out  ;D after confirming that only action icons are the one that show too big for my taste by looking into actions folder in the icon theme and see that they were set to 128x128, I changed the size of a couple of those using gimp to 48x48 and that worked. So, I realized that by changing these icon's sizes will do the trick, however, doing this is really time consuming since there are 467 icons in that folder, so I googled for a way to perform a "bulk resize images method/app" in Linux and found this article/post in which by using an imagemagick script it can be done. So I tried that. Now most icons are smaller while some of them are still a bit big and others are a little bit too small, I guess I have to set different sizes for each different group, i.e file manager back and forth buttons, save, save as, close buttons and so on. What I'm thinking is to copy those groups of icons into different separate folders, run the script for each of them, then once resized put them back toguether in actions folder again, try the icon set and see how that went. If the result doesn't please me, repeat the process till it does. I might spend some of my weekend doing this  8)  ;D  ???  ::)  ;)

Icon set is cool, seems like a mix of older MacOs and Vista. Before they went all flatty. ;)

- Cheers!


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