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 :038: I have a hp laptop with touchscreen with dual boot, Windows 10/Linux-Lite 20.04. I got touchegg from Package Manager, but it doesn't seem to work. How do I use touchscreen?
I fixed it by getting the touchegg ppa and getting touche' to configure touchegg. It's working.

Is this an MS surface laptop?

This is just an HP laptop that I have dual booting Windows 10 and Linux Lite 20.04. it says it has Elan Touchscreen. Actually, touch screen works with some things with one tap. Like I can tap the Firefox icon, and it will come on, and I can tap the file icon on the taskbar, but I can't open a file. I can't open documents or pictures. In other words, there is no right click to open things like a mouse does.

*I fixed it by getting touchegg ppa and getting touche' to configure it. It's working now.  :)

Glad to hear you got it working. It's been my experience that the Ubuntu installer seems to detect Dell touch screens very well but is glitchy with HP.



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