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Title: SSH, SFTP, VNC, SCP, Remmina Linux to Linux Connections 4.2
Post by: trinidad on February 08, 2019, 01:43:33 PM
After a lot of questions from new users I have put the time in to produce a tutorial on setting up the excellent Linux networking tools of SSH, SFTP, VNC, SCP, and Remmina on Linux Lite 4.2. I mean this to be a help resource friendly to users coming from a Windows desktop environment where they rarely if ever used a command line interface. To that end there are over 60 separate images in this tutorial mostly of the Linux Lite 4.2 GUIs in action, and a few of the Debian 9 computer I connected to. To follow this tutorial from beginning to end is to end with a correctly set up Linux Lite 4.2 system with these power networking tools properly set up on it. This first tutorial is for Linux Lite connections to other Linux computers. I will soon produce one along the same lines for SSH, SFTP, Samba, and RDP connections to Windows 10 and the simplest best ways to secure your Windows 10 build 1809 and Linux Lite 4.2 connections on both machines. I made a download available of this tutorial as well. It is a zipped .html file with all the images which you can view in your browser and work with off-line.     (Select the download for Linux Lite 4.2)