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Background image when starting "the feather"

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Re: Background image when starting "the feather"
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I tried the boot splash script you just posted but have to agree with @m654321 that it gives a dizzy feeling.
..Not in a 'gonna fall down' sort of way but in a its a BIG circle versus monitor size.

Also, the reason I made the feather logo in mine in single-color is that the yellow-white (or pale blue-white) seems a little "weird" since the colors merge optically.

I could send you my Plymouth themes so you can try them but don't know where to upload or email them... You could try the progress bar precision I mentioned ;). But, the 4-part spinner is cool to look at, I don't know how to make an animated GIF from it though. If someone is a Plymouth script "coder" I would like to try and put two overlapping spinners (one at 100% speed and a second at 50% for a cool visual effect). I failed when I tried *sad face* .

More text but important I think ;) : Concerning the "flat" look versus classic. I like both but 4.0 is a big step I think and a new look seems appropriate. Additionally, the "classic" feather is harder to replicate and scale. Single color or two-color logos are usually better for brand recognition and other things like cool t-shirts, coffee mugs or graffiti paintings on the Microsoft buildings... just joking ;) .
I would also change the logo text a little for the new era, I could make some tests if needed.

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Linux Lite 5.0 Final is now available for download and installation