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My Real LL5 Desktop


(Thread hijack... yippeee kay ye!  :005: )

LoL, I can't tell you how many routers I went trough since WiFi became a thing...Currently on Asus, but event this one is beginning to have more and more frequent disconnection issues.
Again... planned obsolescence?
I think the next one I get I'll rip it open day 1 and put an heatsink on the main chips... and a fan... or twelve.
+ I'll look into that Cisco. ;)

I have started using new cisco dpc3825 router in my customized desktop and you won't believe the internet performance i am getting. I surely recommend you to get that one for you if play games on your custom pc.

After joking a little the other day about MS Linux I thought I'd post a few screenshots of my actual LL 5 system. LL 5 is fast becoming my favorite Linux Lite ever. Click the link below to see some recent screenshots.


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