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Moving items in whisker menu from one to another

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i am trying to move couple of items from one heading to another in whisker menu  , for example , let ' s say i have "printers" under "system" and i want to move it to say "graphics" how do i accomplish that ? this is just for example , i have some other stuff from previous linux installation that is showing up and i want to move the items to different menu .


Hello pny,

Menu>All>Main Menu

1- Click x1 left button of mouse on the heading in left pane, where you want your new item.
2- Click +New Item button on the right of the GUI
3- Enter details in boxes
4- click OK
5- close GUI
6- Test your new item works as required.

If you are unsure of details for +New Item, of an existing item, as per your example "Printers" do -

1 - click x1 left system, then x1 left click to highlight "printers"
2 - on the right of GUI click "properties"
3 - copy these details from each box in to the "+new item" under the Menu header you wish, as above, follow from #3 thru #6.

Maybe reboot just to check it holds, that no errors were made in the typing.

To remove the unwanted item from Menu header do -
1- return to Menu>All>Main Menu
2 - select heading where you do not wish "printers" to appear
3 - click x1 left to highlight "printers"
4 - click delete on the right of GUI
5 - click ok

To add to bitsnpcs..

Sounds like you want to move contents/folder from 1 folder to another.. If its in a "system" folder i.e. /sys or /etc it may need elevated access - you can right click the folder and choose open as administrator...
- Careful moving these files as some files may have an attached dependency...

Hi @pny

You can do this by using the menu maker/customizer app "main menu" available in LL, just press home key and type "menu" click enter and it'll start.

Next, select the category where the app/tool you want to change/delete is, click on it and select properties

In the image above I used this method to delete/change "printers" from system menu to graphics menu, just as your example and as you notice I already clicked on it and a window properties is open, copy that as you'll need it for next step which is clicking in the desired menu destination, in this case "Graphics". Once in graphics menu, in the "main menu" app window select "new item", a new window opens for you to type new item details, use the ones you wrote/copied before, click on "ok" to close that window. The new item should be created and will show on graphics menu.

If you want/wish no longer to keep "printers" menu on system entries select that item in "main menu" app window and next click on delete

And that's it, easy right? :) Now you can close "main menu" app window, click on menu or press home key, point your mouse to graphics menu  and see your new created/reallocated item

Hope this helps! :)

PS: I made all of this in a LL 3.8 64bit VM. Oh boy VMs are really helpful  8)

thank u bitsnpcs and moltke , your solution worked , only thing different are the icons .


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