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It's not the default setting but it is provided for in XFCE and as I said it's in the >Window Buttons>Sorting Order setting drop down menu as >none allow drag and drop. Which applications you prefer to have open automatically after booting can be set in >Session and Startup> by saving your session with your chosen applications started,  or adding them to ~/user/.config/autostart/ with a [Desktop Entry] script.


I'm accustomed to being able to move open apps on the taskbar to other locations. I like to have open apps in a familiar order every day. Since I've been able to do that in other distros, and since I saw the cursor change when I tried to drag a running app to another location on the taskbar, it seemed to me that I ought to be able to do that here, since it seemed to be built-in, since the cursor was changing. But apparently that's not the case. I was hopeful, but no cigar, I guess.

Thanks, everyone, for your responses and information. Resolved, but not for my purposes.

Jacob Pertou:
You are the best! :bow

OK. Then try >Panel >Panel Preferences >Items >Window Buttons >Sorting order >select >none allow drag and drop. That should do it.

Yes it does. Just tested it.


--- Quote from: trinidad on June 23, 2021, 08:56:47 AM ---As I've already said the "hand" drag and drop indication appears because you can drag the application to another desktop.


--- End quote ---

I don't think that's what he wants to do, but to move/swap windows minimized to panel within the panel, which as far as I know is possible, but it would appear that he also wants to move them to a random place within the panel.   


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