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So far I haven't found a way to move tabs on my taskbar, like I can in other Ubuntu-related distros. And doing a search here for Taskbar hasn't led me to any info on this query, unless I've missed seeing it.

When I drag a tab on the taskbar, to reposition it elsewhere on the taskbar, I see a hand/arrow icon, indicating that the system is aware that I want to move the tab, but it won't drop the tab in the new position when I release it.

If the system has been programmed to recognize that activity, it seems that it would have also already implemented that capability. Somebody was obviously intending to do that or they wouldn't have implemented that much of that process. Maybe someone just forgot to implement that functionality. If so, please implement it soon, if you can.

Am I missing something here?

Right-click on an icon, select "Move," then put it where you wish.

Jacob Pertou:

--- Quote from: Artim on June 21, 2021, 04:51:03 AM ---Right-click on an icon, select "Move," then put it where you wish.

--- End quote ---

That only moves a given window on the desktop.


Which tabs specifically?
The entire taskbar location from the bottom?
Or say the far right, time/date piece or something else???

Right click on the panel. Select panel> then panel preferences > then Items to see panel setup and spaces. Use up down arrows to move items and plus minus to add or delete items.



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