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LL 3.6 moving Lite Widget

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What I am trying to do here is put the Lite-widget above the clock.

With lite-Widget activated:

I installed Conky manager and can move it anywhere I want. Also in the file for the widget, I put an x in front of the feather image file so it would not show. I already have the feather on my wallpaper.

Thanks Coastie will have a look at conky-manager.  :)

Click the widget file and open with leafpad. Change the gap_y entry to 125 and  click save, The gap_y entry will raise the widget higher.
You don't need Conky Manager to move the window, it just needs to be a conky window. If the window doesn't move by changing the y_gap remove sticky from own_window_hints. Also if you want to drag it it must be a conky window, and the undecorated hint must be removed and below changed to above. You comment out items with the # at the beginning of the line if you want conky not to display them. Here is one with the y_gap at 250. File to change is ~/.conky/widget Click view hidden files in Thunar to see it.



Got it with Conky Manager.........Thanks Guys  :)


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