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LL 3.6 moving Lite Widget

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Looks good. Thinner RAM systems are better off without conky manager though. It's also very convenient that the conky widget in LL is in user space. Most changes can be checked as you go.



Got it with Conky Manager.........Thanks Guys  :)

Click the widget file and open with leafpad. Change the gap_y entry to 125 and  click save, The gap_y entry will raise the widget higher.
You don't need Conky Manager to move the window, it just needs to be a conky window. If the window doesn't move by changing the y_gap remove sticky from own_window_hints. Also if you want to drag it it must be a conky window, and the undecorated hint must be removed and below changed to above. You comment out items with the # at the beginning of the line if you want conky not to display them. Here is one with the y_gap at 250. File to change is ~/.conky/widget Click view hidden files in Thunar to see it.


Thanks Coastie will have a look at conky-manager.  :)

I installed Conky manager and can move it anywhere I want. Also in the file for the widget, I put an x in front of the feather image file so it would not show. I already have the feather on my wallpaper.


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