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Title: Linux Lite a different look KDE theme?
Post by: bernard stafford on June 24, 2019, 02:40:23 PM
Synaptic Package Manager I installed two things.
Plasma-workspace  4:5.12.7-0ubuntu0 :  Plasma Workspace for KFS
Kdebase-runtime  4:17.08.3 0ubuntu :   Transitional package for the  -
   KDE runtime componets. 
 After the Restart & install . I went to Appearance => Icons => 
 Selected Default Plasma Theme [ Breeze] 
 Looks a little bit different  Only the icons changed. 
Linux Lite 4.4 64bit   :)     
   Then I changed the Desktop with KDE...Will never be or look the same again ..  :'( :'( :'( 
kde-plasma-desktop  5: 100ubuntu2  KDE Plasma Desktop & minimal set of applications 
   I selected option: Light DMM  part way through the install. 
Warning: After the install Restart Immediately . 
Don't stop and get updates first.. :-[   The screen tried to freeze up. 
Restarted Computer .. changed the desktop option to KDE Plasma Theme.. Then restarted again..
It changed the entire desktop...Everything..  :P  I was :  :o   :-[    Way Cool Desktop  8) 
Runs just as fast as it did before...  ;D   
Any and All Comments are Welcome ..
Do Not try this on your Desktop...    " Jerry " - would have to look at the desktop first. 
Uninstalling it through synaptic package manager . Updates on Main server . 
Starts up with KDE Desktop  .  . .
Open corner box @ top Right screen, select Leave...
It puts you With your original Linux Lite Desktop...   8)     :-\      ;) 
LINUX LITE 64bit [Dual-Booted] MANJARO KDE 64bit.