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[Solved] Issue to tile windows (only 1 workspace)


I've searched for a while but couldn't find anything on the issue. Everytime I try to move a tile, the tile disappears and the whole start menu freezes. Rebooting is the only solution, though it reverts the tile to its original position. Has anyone Kodi nox had the same issue?

This was marked as solved but I didn't see any mention of how you fixed it. Any links to the solution would greatly appreciated as this was the first post that appeared when I searched the forum for this keyboard shortcut problem. Thanks.

Settings Manager -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts change xfce4-popup-whiskermenu to something else I used Alt+Super L that let me set up the other keys like Super L left & right arrow for controlling the windows and still get the menu with Alt+Super L. (Super L is the left Windows key.)

Hi Linux Lite forum,

I need some help from you.

I don't have the "auto-tile" when I put my windows with the mouth on one side or the other of the screen even with my only workspace.
I have tried a couple of combinaison of ticked box in the windows manager/tweak tool but no success at all.

Moreover, I cannot have the tiling working with Keyboard shortcuts (<Super>Left, <Super>Right...). Additional information, when I press the Super key, the Menu pulls-up (which is generally speaking cool, but not in that case :p ).

Do you have any tips/idea to help please?

Best regards,


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