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[Solved] Issue to tile windows (only 1 workspace)


Hi Linux Lite forum,

I need some help from you.

I don't have the "auto-tile" when I put my windows with the mouth on one side or the other of the screen even with my only workspace.
I have tried a couple of combinaison of ticked box in the windows manager/tweak tool but no success at all.

Moreover, I cannot have the tiling working with Keyboard shortcuts (<Super>Left, <Super>Right...). Additional information, when I press the Super key, the Menu pulls-up (which is generally speaking cool, but not in that case :p ).

Do you have any tips/idea to help please?

Best regards,

This was marked as solved but I didn't see any mention of how you fixed it. Any links to the solution would greatly appreciated as this was the first post that appeared when I searched the forum for this keyboard shortcut problem. Thanks.

Settings Manager -> Keyboard -> Application Shortcuts change xfce4-popup-whiskermenu to something else I used Alt+Super L that let me set up the other keys like Super L left & right arrow for controlling the windows and still get the menu with Alt+Super L. (Super L is the left Windows key.)


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