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Is there a way to reduce desktop icon spacing

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Hello! I just joined the forum as I have not found a solution for my problem by doing a lot search.
I am still on LL5.2 as my disk space is very limited and I don't want to install a system becoming bigger and bigger. Still, LL5.2 works pretty well for my needs. Thank you.
On my PC, which is Thinkpad X230, With Windows 7, I have put 8 rows of desktop icons. (Actually, it is rather easy to change icon spacing with Windows 7. On Linux lite, I have only 6 rows of desktop icons.
So, I would like to reduce the vertical icon spacing and place 8 rows of desktop icons. For me, 8 rows of desktop icons are just good for my eyes.
Is there a way to do this? If anyone can help, I would really appreciate...


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