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Got cinnamon theme installed on Linux Lite

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Jesse R Bassett:
Hello all,
I successfully installed the Cinnamon theme for Linux Lite 5.0! It looks awesome, but I will not disclose how I did this as the help guide for Linux Lite states this is not recommended for newbies or beginners. Thankfully I am of not either category! This is what my desktop looks

Well done and looks great!  I still prefer the smaller footprint of Xfce and can pretty much configure it to do anything I want.  Hats off to you though for popping the hood and jumping in.  This is a classic example of why Linux is a great OS.  If you want to do something, you can.  Read, read; learn, learn; do, do!

@userzero ,

You said do do.   ;D

For the connaiseurs! ;)
What would Dodos do?

Good work ! I installed it but i don't see where i can "activate it", even at the logon screen :(


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