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Okay guys and gals I am still new here, so hopefully I'm not repeating a conversation that's already posted.

I'm loving LL and Xfce.  I've been busy tweaking and customizing.  I'm curious what your favorite theme and icon combo is.

So far Greybird is my favorite stock theme(style?).

However I wasn't 100% on any of the stock icons.  Faenza, Humanity and Gnome were all good, but just didn't quite do it.  After testing  A LOT of icon packages I didn't find any that were perfect, but I finally settled on Matrilineare.  It's similar to Faenza but I prefer the design and color scheme.  Here's a list of the other icon packages that I also like:

Box (Lubuntu theme)

Your turn.  What's your favorite them/icon combo?

I use default theme of Linux Lite, istyle=Arc, icons=Faenza.
I change panel preferences,display - Row size (pixels)=22, appearance= alpha 50.
Mouse cursor I use Openzone Ice Slim theme

I like also Vivacious-Dark-Red, at desktop and menu, but not in other areas, is why I stopped using it.


  Daloa theme with Clearlooks style and Tango2 icons.

I've gone for both practicality and retro with Appearance/Style Redmond, Appearance/Icons Faenza-Dark and Window Manager/Style Arc-Dark.

This combo is reminiscent of Windows XP (please, no groaning at the back!), but also great to read the text and clear edges to windows that overlap as well as "raised" buttons.

I'm also a big fan of Greybird on LL. I use an icon set called Faenza Blue which I prefer over Faenza Cupertino. The Crunchy-blue window manager completes the overall look, along with a complementary wallpaper.

There's a ton of other settings and modifications to create an integrated look some of which are the following. I use Lite Widget but have modified it to display additional system info instead of update status. The panel is a very dark grey with transparency at 44 and flat window buttons. Whisker menu is customized and I use a customized xfce4-terminal. I've themed Firefox with Firefox Metallic Grey. Window Manager Tweaks for shadows and transparency can effect the look a lot as well.


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