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I'll have to do.some reading on that.
Thank you.

bermudalite, Lite Widget is a conky. I manually edit the conky config file in the text editor. There are a lot references on conky if you want to get into modifying one or creating your own.

In every distro I've tried I've always installed numix theme and numix-icons-theme. And LL is no exception. I really like it. :)

I'd be interested to know how you modified the Lite Widget. 0

I'm also a big fan of Greybird on LL. I use an icon set called Faenza Blue which I prefer over Faenza Cupertino. The Crunchy-blue window manager completes the overall look, along with a complementary wallpaper.

There's a ton of other settings and modifications to create an integrated look some of which are the following. I use Lite Widget but have modified it to display additional system info instead of update status. The panel is a very dark grey with transparency at 44 and flat window buttons. Whisker menu is customized and I use a customized xfce4-terminal. I've themed Firefox with Firefox Metallic Grey. Window Manager Tweaks for shadows and transparency can effect the look a lot as well.


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