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dolphin have no icons


I though this was about the Dolphin Emulator for GameCube/Wii. ;)

I already tried XFCE on Bodhi Linux, worked and ultralight. But had some bugs...
Maybe the Bohdi DE (Enlightment DE I think) in LL, ultra-combo for the Linux connaisseur! ;)

But Whiskers Menu is only in XFCE and thats what sold me to Linux so I'm staying in LL, so good luck to you though!


We do not support these kinds of frankenstein set ups.

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Sorry i do have other Linux like Ubuntu Mate, where i did installed and is working fine, its about oxygen icons that need to be installed, or not?

Dolphin is the default KDE file manager. You will have all kinds of dependency issues with it in XFCE DE LL. I recommend you uninstall it completely.


Hi :

I have installed Dolphin in Linux Lite 64, but there are no icons, so how i get to install them.

thanks a lot


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