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Title: Display Stock Quotes With Conky
Post by: trinidad on August 02, 2019, 02:35:36 PM
I noticed a while back that AlphaVantage has discontinued the BATCH_QUOTE function. So in the process of explaining how to work with the new GLOBAL_QUOTE function and manipulate its .csv downloads to get and tabulate multiple quotes together into one output file I thought I'd go ahead and incorporate using conky to display quotes as an option. Below is a link to my tutorial on how to do this with a BASH script and a little basic NIX like cut, tail, cat and output building of delimited files. You can basically replace the missing BATCH_ function of the API this way and build and columnize a single output from multiple outputs and wget operations. There are plenty of images and unfortunately I couldn't get imgur to work right today, who knows why, to display one. Check out the tutorial if you want to see how it looks.