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Customised folder Modified Date to also show Time


Many thanks Steve.
Ah, I missed the "Preferences" - I was probably in spreadsheet mode and looked at clicking the column and for a format!


Open File Manager
Click 'View' on menu bar
Select 'List View'
Then Click 'View' again and 'Configure Columns'
Tick the items you want to appear - specifically 'Date Modified'.
Close the 'Configure Columns' window
Click 'Edit'
Click 'Preferences'
At the bottom of the 'Display' tab
Chose the 'Date' format which suits you.
Close the File Manager Preferences window.

I've not found a way to get the GUI to display create time in a folder view.
Apparently file create time will be an option in Thunar version 4.17 though there may be some limitations.

Edit - added reference to 4.17

Hi.  Is it possible to customised desktop folders to show both Modified Date and Time? Same would apply to Create Time.


PS 1: I searched the web and this website and found nothing other than terminal commands to show/process by date and time

PS 2: Using LL 6.6 on an old PC booting from SSD with Clover - it flies!


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