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adding pics to xfce?

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i have a series of pics i want to use as changing desktop, i see the xfce default folder BUT i am unable to copy/paste pics into it i can select my "home" folder but dont have an option for any folders inside the home. it will change from home to xfce back upon restart.. is there a secret?/ thanks to ALL for all the assistance provided..tom

If you click right from "Folder:" you can change the location to find your images. Then tick Change the background to change a wallpaper periodically.

Hi TeemarkTh0mas,

To paste additional backgrounds into the folder /usr/share/backgrounds/xfce/ you will need administrator permissions. Doing this is easy.

Open Thunar
File > Open as Administrator
A new Thunar window opens in administrator mode
Navigate to /usr/share/backgrounds/xfce/
Now you should be able to copy and paste backgrounds

awesome  thanks..

I like using multiple backgrounds on my LL 2.0. However when I copy pictures into the /backgrounds/xfce folder all files will be locked up. If I change the background location to somewhere else, after closing the desktop settings app it defaults back to the xfce directory. So 1, How do I unlock the picture files in the xfce directory, or 2, make the change in the desktop setting app stick?



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