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Never heard of it before myself.

Kevin Perez:
I am unable to find the website responsible for giving me this instruction. I am not sure how to find it again now.

I did make sure Valgrind is located in the folder I mentioned earlier. Do any of you have experience getting Valgrind to work on your computers. The step I successfully completed is downloading and installing Valgrind on my computer. It is very definitely located at "/usr/lib/valgrind/" I just checked to make sure. Plus, that quote was copy and pasted from the directory.

What steps would you use to get Valgrind to work (in addition to the ones I have mentioned)? If it makes it easier to read:

* Download Valgrind
* Install Valgrind
* {insert additional steps here necessary to get Valgrind setup and detect memory leaks}.


--- Code: ---/usr/lib/valgrind
--- End code ---
Make sure this is the correct file path to the lib file. Could be different for example.

--- Code: ---~/yourusername/usr/lib/valgrind
--- End code ---
or something else.

I'll need the link to the original instructions you used.

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