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Kevin Perez:
I copied and pasted the export VALGRIND_LIB = '/usr/lib/valgrind' into the file. Next, I saved it. Finally, I ran the command you suggested: source ~/.bashrc. Then I received the following error. It says, "bash: export: '=': not a valid identifier"
"bash: export: 'usr/lib/valgrind': not a valid identifier".

What would you suggest I replace inside of "export VALGRIND_LIB = '/usr/lib/valgrind'"?


--- Code: ---mousepad ~/.bashrc
--- End code ---

scroll to the bottom, enter your code. Then save the text file and do:

--- Code: ---source ~/.bashrc
--- End code ---

Kevin Perez:
Hey there everyone,

Not sure how much information one needs to help me get Valgrind to be fully setup. If necessary, I will post the version of Linux Lite and Code::Blocks currently installed on my computer. HOpefully, what is included will be sufficient.

I am currently using Code::Blocks as my compiler. I have created a simple project by the name of DynIntArray. in this project there are two classes:
DynIntArray & DynVoidArray. Each one has a dynamic array. In order to verify that my project is not leaking memory, I am hoping to use Valgrind. I have already installed it, but I now need to edit the bashrc file so it includes "export VALGRIND_LIB = '/usr/lib/valgrind'. Unfortunately, once I have opened the bashrc file to edit it, I am not sure how to save it. Furthermore, the video I was watching seems to be meant for Ubuntu rather than Linux Lite. How may I open, edit, and save the changes I wish to make to the .bashrc file? Hopefully, with some assistance, I can check to ensure the project is not leaking memory.

Thank you for reading this post, and I very much look forward to reading your responses.


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