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Showing the window maximized (the default)

Showing what happens when the Open button is used, the up arrow moves up in the tree of your files for navigating them.

It is now working with, Cut and Paste, and Copy and Paste.
Ctrl +C  ,to Copy
Ctrl +X  ,to Cut
Ctrl +V  ,to Paste

Watching with interest.


--- Quote from: Jerry on March 28, 2021, 03:23:17 PM ---Watching with interest.

--- End quote ---

Thank you Jerry.

Are there other features that should go in a lightweight editor ?

The fewer features the better, by this I mean just the absolute essentials.

Menu - New Open, Save, Save As...
Cut, Copy, Paste.
Line Numbers.
Ability to select font and font size.

Later on - Find and Find and Replace function.

That's all you need I'd imagine.


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